A Visit To The Louvre Museum of Paris

A few years ago, when I was almost new in Paris, one of my French said, ‘ if you want to find French people somewhere other than France, then try finding them in the nearest museum or castle near to that place you are visiting. Certainly, you shall find a few of them at least’. After my third visit to the Louvre Museum, I consider it as a personified love for Art and History of French nation.

I still remember when I first paid a visit to Louvre. It was summer and Paris, the most favorite tourist destination in the world, was packed to its capacity. Above all, it was the first Sunday of the month ( national Parisian museums offer free entrance on the first Sunday of each month ) and everyone, as it seemed, was there in the queue to visit Louvre. It took hours to get at the entry point at pyramid. Understandably, we were feeling tired even before our entry to the museum. I had decided that I will visit this museum once more in normal days to avoid that long line.

Louvre museum is full of world famous paintings and art objects. Indeed Monalisa is one of them and in each visit I found a great rush of people in front of that painting, waiting for their opportunities to get photographed in front of her magical smile. If you want to know more about the Louvre museum, then you can visit the website of Louvre Museum

For the moment, however, you may have a look on the following pictures of art objects present in Musée de Louvre or Louvre Museum. If you happen to be someone who loves appreciating the finer details of the art, then beware one day might not be enough for a detailed visit. So, if you know well beforehand what exactly would you like to see in the museum, then certainly it will help to make more out of less.

The maps of the museum are available freely, in different languages, at the information desks. They will also help you find some of the world class art objects. The museum of Louvre has a rich collection in following departments;

A. Near Eastern collections; this represents the civilizations of the ancient Middle East, which date to seven thousand years.

B. Egyptian Antiquities; this section highlights the specific aspects of Egyptian civilization in the past.

C. Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities; This department contains the work of three ancient civilizations; Greece, Etruria, and Rome.

D. History of the Louvre and Medieval Louvre; Two rooms are dedicated to present the architectural history of the palace.

E. Paintings; The collection contains the history of European painting from the mid 19th century.

F. Sculptures; Sculptures from High Middle Ages to the mid 19th century are present in this section.

G. Decorative Arts; It contains decorative objects from Middle Ages and the renaissance. Napoleon III’s apartment can also be found in this section.

H. Arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.

I. Islamic Art; you can see art objects from 7th to 19th century, originating from India to Spain.

J. The Eastern Mediterranean under the Roman Empire.

H. Paintings and Drawings

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Here are some of the pictures from the Louvre.

A picture of Napoleon III apartments

A second picture of Napoleon III apartments

Mummy of one of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Before the visit I thought that I will be able to see the real face of the mummy, but it happened the otherwise. I was told that it is necessary to keep the mummy under covers for the preservation. I hope that under the cover, there lies the mummy 

Egyptians were used to use drawings and symbols to express themselves.

Some pieces of art 

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