A very simple tip for the better health

The east is quite different that the West and so are the ways for treating the sickness. Though, most of these are not scientifically proven yet, but still they can do miracles for the health issues faces by different people.

However, it should also be kept in mind that even if some of these tips are not scientifically proven it does not mean that they are not helpful for a better health. And, one should also keep it in mind that why someone would be interested to fund scientific investigation about these tips, as it does not offer any monetary returns. 

Here is the tip, in Urdu. You try it and if it does any help, share your experiences. 

Ch. Muhammad Tufail killed in Gujrat, assailants still unknown, was it a political assassination?

Ch Muhammad Tufail was an important political figure of PML-Q Gujrat. He was the General Secretary and the member of Central Working Committee. He was a veteran politician and knew local and national political dynamics.

Ch. Muhammad Tufail was killed on  9 September 2013 in Gujrat by unknown assailants, who showered bullets on his car. He received several shots and was dead on the spot. No need for medical help. This accident happened almost 7 months before the general elections of 2013.

The timing of the event suggests, as does the fact that the assailants are still unknown, indicates that it could possibly be a political assassination. The question is if his murderers are ever to be caught by police?

Here are some pictures of Ch. Tufail, of the crime scene and some pictures with the leadership of PML-Q leadership, with Ch. Pervez Ilahi and Ch. Shujaat Husain

Long Live Democracy; No Way to Stop Corrupt Politicians to Come into Power

Few days ago, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) submitted a report about 150 mega corruption cases in the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC). The SC has expressed dissatisfaction over the report saying it is incomplete.

This report mentioned high profile politicians, including current Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab. Shehbaz Sharif, CM of Punjab, in a press conference denounced the report. Later, Hamza Shehbaz, the son of CM, said that they had never made any settlement with NAB.

In this program, Rauf Klasra and Amir Mateen, in presence of Kashif Abbasi, present proofs of payment by Sharif family to NAB. The court fined Nawaz Sharif, and Hamaza Shehbaz, his nephew, paid 70 million PKR to NAB.

In other words, Nawaz Sharif is convicted from the court. And, today he is the Prime Minister of Pakistan. This is the so called democracy and its real face in Pakistan

There are reports that there are files about the corruption of the current head of NAB which lies in the office of NAB.

Most Friendly Interview in the History of Pakistan; Program Kal Tak, Interviewer Javed Ch, Guest Shehbaz Sharif

Honestly, I could not find any interview friendlier than this one. Apparently, one can see that Chief Minister of Punjab is allowed to speak lies and mislead the population unchecked. Javed Chaudhry had been so kind not to ask any hard or tough question.

It may be worthy to note that this interview was taken in the aftermath of Modal Town massacre outside Minhaj-ul-Quran secretariat in Lahore. In this bloodshed, brave soldiers of Punjab Police had killed 14 people on spot. More than 100 innocent citizens were injured. Most of the people were shot on the upper parts of their bodies.

This is a naked truth and every Lahorian knows that Punjab Police works as a personal force of Shehbaz Sharif. The other truth is that on the same day Shehbaz Sharif was present in Lahore. And, he says that he was unaware of the happening. 

After that event, Shehbaz Sharif was also called as Qatal e Aala ( the biggest murderer )

I am posting this video so that we can remember how our so called politician were used to say in the past. 

The quality of questions asked and answers offered, I leave upon the reader or viewer to judge and decide

In the interview, CM says that Amnesty International says that there is no corruption in Punjab and the province is performing well. What is the reality of the Amnesty International's truth, it may be interesting to note that the head of Amnesty International Pakistan is working for the Prime Minister. 

Feel free to share your thoughts about the responses provided by CM.