A Visit to Notre Dame de Paris

As I put my first step inside the world famous cathedral of Notre Dame, I wondered if I would have thought to visit this church, like many other tourists, had Victor Hugo not written his famous novel called ‘Notre Dame de Paris’. After all, there are lots of Cathedrals within the city of Paris, and I do not know many of them. Anyway, the church of Notre Dame has its own air of magnificence which attracts the visitors from all over the world.

I had long been undecided whether I should pay my respects to the said church but I was not disappointed by my visit itself. One of my friend happened to visit this church and for him the interior of the church was nothing but a complete disappointment. He then took the pain of practically discouraging all of acquaintances to pay for a visit, a sort of viral de-marketing one can say. However, in my case, the results of interior were quite on the contrary.  Amazed with the architecture of the church, I was also overwhelmed by the feeling of calmness and tranquility. 

I am well aware of the fact that pictures and videos do not substitute a real visit, but I am confident that following pictures and videos will help you an idea of the interior and when you will be actually visiting this place, your eyes will be ready to delve into further details. 

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